Only a thread in a cloth
Thursday, March 3, 2022 – 7pm

Musician, poet and translator, Zoe Heselton delivers a stripped down, heartfelt music of songs and poems.

Her influences are eclectic, from Latin American and Mediterranean folk music to UK and North American folk music, all with a focus on text, translation and poetry.

The artist flourishes in various practices and multiple collaborations, including with the Istanbul musician Merve Salgar, her recent participation in the exhibition “Ce que nous avons perdu dans le feu” at the Villa Arson in which she collaborates with the artist Lola Gonzalez, or with the publication of her book “To Feel Such Deep Strange Joy”, a collection of poems and photographs of birds.

Zoe, accompanied by her guitar and her voice, produces an almost tangible music, complex but fragile, sometimes improvising, within various places where her strings sing and her voice resonates. She envelops us in a precious closeness where she tells songs as one walks on paths, or as one greets a friend.

Photo by @laura_sifi