Signature of Didier Balducci’s last opus by the author.
Saturday December 17, 2022 from 3pm to 6pm


Elvis, an American tragedy… Elvis at Graceland Too… Elvis in the Congo… Elvis as a cult object… Elvis in art… Elvis and his look-alikes… Elvis, radiant sun of the progressive nations… Elvis/Mao… Elvis in Hollywood… Elvis in the Alps… Elvis dwarf… Elvis my love/Elvis my friend… Elvis in the literature… Having Fun with Elvis on Stage… Elvis and his fridge… Elvis in the future…

In 256 pages, sixteen chapters and 146 color and black and white illustrations, everything, EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Elvis without ever having dared to ask…

Mondo Elvis is the second volume of the collection Les Archives du Monde Moderne, a collection of art books from Mono-Tone Editions dedicated to the most burning issues of the modern world, a series of works of ethnology of proximity and anthropology of the derisory allowing to better understand our present and anticipate our future.

After an initial volume, Carros, mon ami, by Benoît Grimalt, dedicated – it was obvious to all – to Carros-le-Neuf, this second volume of the series had to deal with the king subject: Elvis Presley. Then followed, at the rate of two annual publications, other opuscules dedicated to themes as crucial as gala orchestras, handwritten inscriptions on the covers of old 45s, books from the Marabout Collection, pornographic photo novels, etc.