On March 5, the artist will present “Frog Man“:

“L’Homme-Grenouille est un phénomène de Foire que de minuscules mains et jambes fait étrangement ressembler à un batracien. L’histoire nous raconte son quotidien et comment d’une foire minable il atterrit comme vedette d’attractions.”

(“The Frog Man is a fair phenomenon whose tiny hands and legs make him look strangely like a batrachian. The story tells us about his daily life and how from a shabby fair he lands as a star of attractions.”)

Rémi Voche‘s artistic work is based on the relationship between the body and nature. His work is divided into several parts, photography, video and performance. His images generally represent him in the heart of nature, feeding on this environment to create a shifted and imaginary universe that challenges, like a fireball in a snowy forest or “un pied dans la tombe” (“a foot in the grave”) in the middle of a cemetery.

His performances are instinctive, impetuous, ritualized, an uncontrollable force inhabits him, he creates a link between the earth and his almost primitive body. A multitude of references populate Rémi’s photos and performances, through the work of Jean Rouch or Claude Lévi-Strauss and artists committed to the ecological cause, he creates his own outlet in an attempt to be reborn from the alienation of everyday life.