As part of the Ovni 2022 Festival, Espace à vendre presents :

Corps et âme (Body and soul)

2018 – 08’00” – Color

Amaury Voslion – Direction, image, editing and original music

Production: AM Art Films

Corps & Âme is dedicated to the French multidisciplinary artist Jean-Luc Verna (born in 1966). French draughtsman, dancer, choreographer, singer, performer and poet, he imposes himself as a figure, a body, an artist whose work he is also. Staged like a sculpture, the artist reveals himself without telling his story. It is a true narration of intimacy without ever being shameless: it is more a question of pure emotion, of feelings put into images that invite one to lay down one’s arms, to no longer judge or look away. The film is in the image of the artist: dark, swirling and provocative.

Visual : © Amaury Voslion