Appointment for the opening on Friday, December 16, 2022, from 6 pm to 8:30 pm
Opening Saturday December 17 from 11am to 8pm and Sunday December 18 from 11am to 6pm.

Hôtel Burrhus
1, Place Montfort
84 110 Vaison-la-Romaine

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Eglé Vismanté was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, lives and works in Nice.
Graduated from the Villa Arson in Nice, in 2017 she was awarded the first Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation grant in Monaco.

Having grown up on local mythologies, in a natural and at the same time industrial landscape, pale and melancholic, Eglé Vismanté brings her vision of the world through artistic practice. She questions the fact of being a living being in a world marked by the imprint of the Anthropocene, the world where humans manipulate and constantly modify their environment.

His inspirations oscillate between scientific, historical and folkloric ideas, which intersect, forming sometimes improbable analogies. These can be transformed into poetic, absurd or even vaguely magical visuals. For the artist, it is an attempt to re-enchant the world in order to find poetry in it and use it to speak about current issues, such as
to talk about current issues, such as society/nature/technology interactions. His work deals mainly with the natural and alternate landscape, the living.

Visuel : Eglé Vismante,  Plongeon, 130 x 150cm, charcoal and paint on paper, 2022