october 06 • décember 30, 2017

October 2018, Espace A VENDRE is placed under the sign of the artist Philippe Ramette. Thought in three parts around his three flagship practices – sculptures, photos, and drawings – the Philippe Ramette exhibition at Espace A VENDRE – Nice, invites the artist to occupy from October 6 to December 30 all of its three locations for a monographic exhibition. With Philippe Ramette, Espace A VENDRE proposes to discover or rediscover one of the most renowned French contemporary artists.

Best known for his photographs in which he stages himself in improbable situations, Philippe Ramette experiments and proposes offbeat points of view on the world. To enter an exhibition of Philippe Ramette’s work is to enter a universe that questions reality in its most tangible and physical form. For Philippe Ramette, drawing is akin to the sketching of a mental vision, often in connection with preparatory work. Consequently, the sculptures in scale 1 mark the will of a setting in abyss of a possible experiment. And indeed, everything in the artist’s work echoes the everyday.