may 19 • september 08, 2017

Stéphane Steiner‘s production is characterized by its extreme diversity and is expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, collage and installation. As he says himself, “my work is a patchwork of drawers where the old meets the new and the future”. Steiner draws from all sources, those of reality, experienced or not, from which he extracts elements and those of his memories, his culture, and current events in their multiple aspects. Paintings on recovered canvas (Dutch landscape) or engraved aluminum (Ferdinando e Stefano al mare ; Van Gogh on acid), photographs of photomontages (Genetix), digital prints on plasticized paper (Witche’s Valley Saloon), photographs of cypresses, bars, invasion of ants in an art gallery, Indian ink on Canson of hairy objects or Donald, installations on the ground representing hypothetical industrial sites (series of Sites started in 1992) compose the fragments of a deliberately plural and kaleidoscopic practice. “I am not interested in mediums for what they are, nor in works as results of autonomous practices from the rest of the world. Every series is like a work in progress, always in a state of potential modification. And if there is a common point between each of them, it is to be found in the lively and direct look that the artist has on the world, in its sometimes banal details as in its icons.