May 26 • September 09, 2017

Since 2000, Kleber Matheus has been imagining installations staging his graphic reflections linked to space through his favorite medium: neon and by forming ambitious devices that allow him to create a complex play of light and shadow.
Initially conceived as independent pieces, maintaining a close formal and chromatic relationship – first thought on paper – his neon lights systematically establish geometric combinations planned to simulate openings or to inscribe an elementary sign on the surface of the limits of a precise space, or to integrate more audacious, exuberant and luxuriant compositions. Straight lines, curves, knots, cubes, masks, squares, quadrangles, octagons, triangles, compose his usual vocabulary. Kleber Matheus‘ work reinvents signage on the scale of the visual arts and energizes the public’s gaze by transforming the museum space.