may 19 • september 23, 2017
Evolving exhibition with multiple openings:

Gilles Barbier, Amélie Bertrand, Xavier Boussiron, Baptiste Brunello,  Charlie O., Frédéric Clavère, Clédat & Petitpierre, Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe, Bertrand Dezoteux, Eric Duyckaerts, Richard Fauguet, Hippolyte Hentgen, Joël Hubaut, Jacques Julien, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Thierry Lagalla, Léa le Bricomte, Philippe Lebruman, Saverio Lucariello, Philippe Mayaux, Théo Mercier & Jérémy Piningre, Lucien Murat, Guillaume Pinard, Abraham Poincheval, Hugues Reip, Elsa Sahal, Taroop & Glabel.

“I have a gift for sniffing out the most beautiful truffles in contemporary art, and in the milieu they call me… La 3e Narine” It was with this equivocal sentence that the readers of Fluide Glacial, the famous magazine of Umour & Bande dessinée, discovered each month the column of a profane art critic. Humorous bluettes, the chronicles of the 3rd Narine put in scene authentic contemporary artists in the grips of a freelancer as crevard as chic, with morals and methods of investigation more than doubtful. Burdened by gambling debts contracted at the Pelican de Jade casino in Monaco, the gallery owner of L’Espace A VENDRE, Bertrand Baraudou, has invited the 3rd Narine to come up with a bankable exhibition project, a last desperate attempt to escape bankruptcy…

For 9 weeks, 27 works by 27 artists who have passed under the author’s pen will be drawn at random and hung at a rate of 3 every 7 days. An unstable exhibition with an improbable name whose meaning is in suspense and is replayed at each of the hangings and postpones in extremis the arrival of the bailiffs.

In collaboration with Fluide glacial / co-curator: La véranda (Thomas Bernard)

Courtesy, Galeries : Anne Barrault, Art:Concept, Loevenbruck, Papillon, Sémiose, Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois