march 03 • september 12, 2020

Espace A VENDRE invite you to discover the novelties of the exhibition: Maintenant, le dessin (and the painting…)!
More than ever evolving, our exhibitions are becoming dynamic: new artists are regularly invited to interfere in the current proposals to allow meetings, discoveries.

« Maintenant le dessin ! » It is with this title in the form of an injunction that we invite you to an energetic collective exhibition dedicated to contemporary drawing.

16 artists from the current French and European scene who share a central practice of work on paper, but also paintings on wood and canvas, prints and video over the course of the invitations are gathered for this exhibition.

Within the framework of the extension of the exhibition and to follow the recommendations for the public health the exhibition becomes evolutionary and invited guests according to the envy.

This selection of works is presented as part of Espace à vendre’s participation in Drawing Now in Paris, postponed to March 2021.