October 16 • December 05, 2020

In parallel to the exhibition Eric Duyckaerts, Funambule élémentaire, Espace à vendre will present in the gallery and showroom works by six artists linked to the artist from Liège for Un point complet sur la situation.

The absurd will be summoned by Esther Ferrer and her performance Questions avec réponses in which the Spanish artist tries to answer spontaneously to questions that she asks herself but for which she has not prepared answers.

Jean-Yves Jouannais and Qingmei Yao will explore as usual the link between lectures and performance, scientific knowledge and artistic reversal – an exercise dear to Eric Duyckaerts. The self-proclaimed “little Liège master of the second half of the 20th century” Jacques Lizène will be on stage to reaffirm the inextricable link between his “null dance” and RDFD’s whimsical choreographies. Finally, the unavoidable artist Arnaud Labelle Rojoux will attack the preconceived ideas and will meet Gauthier Tassart – who himself created a Sudoku made to measure for Eric Duyckaerts – for a performance.