October 16, 2020 • February 06, 2021

This exhibition as a tribute to this artist from Liège, one year after his death, appeared as an obvious choice for us as for all the people who worked with him.

Fine embobiner, acrobat of the speech, eccentric orator and using the technique of the Comedia dell’Arte, the Belgian artist Eric Duyckaerts, filiform genius in the phrasing and in the delicate heart, elaborated since the middle of the Eighties an unusual work mixing with facetiousness the plastic arts and the vulgarization of the knowledges: sciences, rights, physics, logic, mathematics, etc

Eric Duyckaerts had this rhetorical virtuosity related to tightrope walking: “We wrap the speaker in the aura of his inevitable fall that never comes” Joseph Mouton.

A proposal by Espace A VENDRE in collaboration with Chloé Mathiez- Duyckaerts, the Mac Val, the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery and the La Mauvaise Reputation gallery.

Thanks to Noëlle Tissier and Cédric Noël
Curated by Nicolas Vaquier and Bertrand Baraudou.

In the framework of Manifesta 13, European Biennial of Contemporary Creation.