December 9 • february 10 2024
Opening on Friday, December 8, from 6pm.

In the Espace à vendre gallery, Climax Trouble, solo exhibition by Stéphane Steiner.

[…] The freedom of Stéphane Steiner‘s work, which I’ve been following for over twenty years, combines with rare elegance the casualness without which art becomes foolish, and the rigor without which it becomes meaningless. At once eclectic, even whimsical, and coherent, even obstinate, his work defies categorization and constantly postpones the moment of full attention… […].
So spoke Paul Devautour, in 2011. (artist and founder of an Offshore residency-school between Shanghai and Nancy)

As he opens his new exhibition at Espace à vendre, Steiner hasn’t changed a bit. Climax Trouble, an adolescent quip to stir up trouble. And yet, from transgression to disgression, in a timeless way, his eternal journey into youth would be nothing without the vivacity of the mad creative energy it gives him.

The exhibition brings together works by the artist from 1993 to 2023. This is not a retrospective as such, but rather an experimental-perpetual work in progress.