December 11 2021 • February 26 2022

In the castle and part of the showroom, the exhibition “Painting by the meter” will take a broad and open look at the painting in progress. No less than 28 invited artists, a (more or less) imposed format of (more or less) one meter wide per work, for a dense and generous hanging, which will confront (almost) as many practices as painting knows.

The silhouettes of beings painted on cut boards (Frédéric Clavère),
will be able to rub shoulders with sanded acrylics (Emmanuel Régent),
as well as punk flows (Stéphane Steiner),
a canvas stretched to the extreme (Noël Dolla),
will take place near painted ceramics (Beatrice Celli),
an acrylic on wood, abstract and geometric (Bérénice Mayaux),
will discuss with an oil (always on wood) figurative and dreamy (Karine Rougier).
The monochrome will be declined from red (Lionel Soccimaro),
to the black coal (Vernichtet of Raphaël Denis),
while the portraits can be revealed in pastel (Gorka Mohamed),
whether they are famous (Ribery by Filip Markiewicz) or not.