February 13 • May 29, 2021

Guests :

FDLDE (Aesthetics Liberation Front)

Karim Ghelloussi

Olivier Millagou

Pierre la Police

Isabelle Rey

Julien Tibéri

EXPOSER CE QU’ON NE VEUT PLUS VOIR : «When men are dead, they enter history. When statues are dead, they enter art. This botany of death is what we call Culture.» Chris Marker in «Statues die too» (1953)

It will be a series of sculptures made with objects accumulated over the years, a reflection on a personal ecology of production, on the values of use of a past time and those of exhibition of a present time. One will have fantasized new stories, truncated by the tricks of anecdotes thousand times repeated, rinsed, obsolete. One will have cobbled together, with the means of the edge, a baroud d’honneur to pretend that one still shows off, of the shines of formerly to the cemetery of the cumbersome. It will thus be a question of setting in motion these balances whose investment is only temporal and affective, where the game is only capital – to think instead of spending, to interlock, still, to play again, finally, to get rid, perhaps.