march 17 • march 31 2018

The notion of stock, reserve, or fund is widely addressed in curatorial practices, particularly museum practices, which seek to enhance, to bring into dialogue with each other deposited, unexhibited or previously shown works.

Moving this approach to the gallery level, the sors de ta réserve exhibition will cheerfully bend to the idea of ” emptying ” the usually invisible underground stock of the Espace à vendre, to make it emerge in two of the three exhibition rooms, without forgetting to leave room for projects and surprises coming from artists already presented.

Consisting for the most part of works exhibited and then left in storage, a testament to 14 years of existence in Nice but also a curatorial project, Sors de ta réserve will be placed halfway between a major retrospective exhibition and an archive of works always in motion from the studio to the storage room.

The EAV team will thus assemble the necessarily plastically heterogeneous works from all media for a dense, original, historical and lively hanging.