january 19 • march 10 2018

To kick off 2018 Espace A VENDRE presents a double exhibition:

In the Gallery section, Espace A VENDRE once again focuses on young creation, and presents for the first time two artistic revelations. For the exhibition Précipité, Tom Giampieri and Amandine Guruceaga have been invited to confront their practices, having in common the experimentation and the exploration – in particular chemical – of techniques.

Amandine Guruceaga is a graduate of the Marseille School of Art. She was recently part of the exhibition Inventors of Adventures, 2nd episode at the Villa Arson.

Winner in 2017 of the prestigious LVMH Métiers d’art residency, she worked for 5 months with the teams of the Riba Guixà tannery, located near Barcelona. It was during this experience that she developed the Derma soft series, exhibited at the Espace A VENDRE. Transforming the material, she worked on lamb skins until she obtained a transparency and a coloring of the lamb leather.

“Crossed by the light, they reveal, thanks to their transparency, all the traces, the furrows and the irregular grain of the animal’s flesh. We reconstitute the shape of its unfolded body, the hazards of its short existence.”

A 2016 graduate of the Villa Arson, Tom Giampieri has been a resident artist at La Station since January 2017.

“Tom Giampieri’s painting feeds on chemical and physical processes mainly derived from dyeing techniques. Like an alchemist in his studio, developing and making his own tools, he pushes his experiments until something appears out of the rags of a fabric. Thus, his work takes its shape in the meeting between a diverted know-how, a research made of happy chances and a personal iconography to create paintings where the figurative arises as a hallucination. (Baptiste Carluy).

For the exhibition Precipitated, Tom Giampieri has experimented with a new research based on the action of bacteria from red mud. By fixing this chemical process on his canvas, Giampieri reveals unique textures and colors.

The Precipitate exhibition will be coupled with the new proposal Sors de ta réserve.

The notion of stock, reserve, or fund is widely addressed in curatorial practices, particularly in museums, which seek to enhance and create a dialogue between works deposited, not exhibited or previously shown.

By moving this approach to the gallery level, the exhibition sors de ta réserve will happily bend to the idea of “emptying” the underground stock, usually invisible in the Espace A VENDRE, to make it emerge in two of the three exhibition rooms, without forgetting to leave room for projects and surprises from artists already presented.

Consisting for the most part of works exhibited and then left in storage, a testimony to 14 years of existence in Nice but also a curatorial project, Sors de ta réserve will be placed halfway between a major retrospective exhibition and an archive of works still in movement from the studio to the storage room.

The EAV team will thus assemble works that are necessarily heterogeneous in terms of their plasticity and originating from all media for a dense, original, historical and lively display.