September 03 • october 15, 2022

He practises an art which amuses itself with the constraints and which twists the opposites; 
offers us a poetic, burlesque, graphic world, populated with oxymorons, eschatological aporias (if if!), 
of conceptual figuration and cream pies.  
Master of the Quasi, Thierry Lagalla is the artist just next door, not just anywhere.

Mortadella Pintura then!  

To declare dead the painting for better appropriating it, here is well of Thierry Lagalla. 
Putting in a coffin, putting in abyss, putting in a box.
First class burial.

Painting is dead ! Long live painting! 

In joyful croquemort Thierry Lagalla inhumes an exquisite corpse perpetually assassinated on the altar of the avant-gardes. 
He makes fun of it, feeds on it at the same time. 
Still life, country scenes, portraits, copies of masters, everything goes through it; a beautiful slice of mortadella (always the same one) on the corner of the beak which, by surgical subtraction of a part of the whole, marries, finally, the figurative with the abstract. 

The Bride exposed by her bachelors, even !
Tour de force or tower of Pisa ?!  
For our greatest happiness anyway.

Sophie Toulouse 10/21