Baltic Sea & more

march 12 • april 30 2022

Eglé Vismanté has already experienced the walls of space for sale in 2019 during his first solo exhibition, and will be one of four artists presented at Drawing Now 2022 at the Carreau du temple in Paris from May 19 to 22.

The approach of Eglé Vismanté, born in Lithuania and working in Nice, is part of a search for coincidences between her imagination and history, scientific or literary and personal facts, in order to create micro-narratives by questioning the state of the world today. The artist works on various forms of representation: technical, architectural or medical. His drawings are characterized by the presence of black pigments, charcoal or graphite, which form or deform his motifs, like a naked body plunging into a maze of charcoal or white chalk lines or a ball of black filaments falling a house lost in the middle of a field of pigment.

Espace à vendre had already had the chance to show Emeli Theander‘s paintings in 2018 when she was invited by Karine in her carte blanche exhibition: Quicksand. The works of Emeli Theander, born in Sweden and working in Berlin, envelop us in a mysterious universe made of chimeras, human forms with multiple eyes and vegetal interlaces.

Over the years, Emeli‘s drawing practice has become clearer, previously one could see, between the black graphite strokes, human figures with phantasmagorical features or ghostly monsters with empty eyes, a composition made of rough strokes with black waves of ink as landscape. His drawing practice is still based on a concern for detail, in the delicacy of his acanthus leaves or in the delicate curves of his characters.
The pastel has gradually taken its place within the graphite, his lines have softened, but the phantasmoria, “the art of making ghosts speak”, has remained. Tender colors have intruded, bluish tones, the color of the sky or the sea, and shy pinks accompany her creatures.
Emeli breaks all the boundaries separating human from animal, life from death and dream from reality.
Her universe is inhabited by human chimeras that are endowed with wings, skulls, snake heads, yet even though they look monstrous, a soothing harmony permeates her drawings.