february 26 • june 07 2016

“The drawings of Tudi Deligne do not deny the influence of the work of Öy-vind Fahlström also rooted in comics. He is also impressed by “Philip Guston’s ability to give form to chaos”, he seeks like him the “type of thrill, trembling of the is it me? Did I do that? “After a series of large-format drawings, whose round shape is indeed reminiscent of the mandala, which draw, by destructuring it, in the universe of graphic literature, he moved on to photographic work. “Snapshots”, images of the moment (…). Tudi Deligne draws, after a thorough analysis, what Francis Bacon meant by “the cry rather than the horror”.

These images draw their assurance from the relationship that they maintain with themselves: they escape the control of the conscience which produces them, and at the same time they enclose this one in the irresistible process of creation of the images (…).

Emil Sennewald, art critic. Extract from “Unconscious form” in the catalog of the 55th Salon de Montrouge, 2010