February 26 • may 07 2016

Through his drawings, the artist Philip Vormwald formulates with great playfulness and skill an interpretation of our present time by condensing multiple influences and aesthetic forms as a space-time assemblage. The graphite and varnish drawings made during 2015 can be considered as a series but are at the same time autonomous from each other. Produced in a chain, each drawing is, by reaction, the cancellation of the last one and the premeditation of the next one” This is how the world is born. There is always a dark precursor that no one sees and then the lightning bolt that illuminates. That is the world. That should be the way of thinking.” What seems abstract at first glance reveals a principle of reality linked to different contemporary, modern and ancient cultures that arrange themselves as best they can with the manual precision of “blind memory.”

The floor covering of the exhibition made in collaboration with Baptiste César.