Founded in 2018, BIENVENUE is an events platform which aims to connect galleries, art professionals and cultural activities with both collectors and amateurs.

In a spirit of decompartmentalization, BIENVENUE deploys its initiatives across the fields of Contemporary Art, Design, Applied and Decorative Arts.

From December 15 to December 19, 2021, BIENVENUE will set up its 4th art fair in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés at a very special venue, the Hotel La Louisiane. Wrapped in the magic of its own history, La Louisiane has served as an intimate and bohemian refuge for almost 80 years, where writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and artists have chosen to spend a moment, a night or a lifetime.

Jean-Paul Sartre lived in room 10, which he then passed on to Juliette Gréco, where she loved Miles Davis madly, before it became the chambers of Simone de Beauvoir — altogether making it the headquarters of existentialism. Filled with the words of writers such as Arthur Miller or Ernest Hemingway, resonating with the notes of Charlie Parker or Jim Morrison, hosting Hollywood minds such as Quentin Tarantino — the walls of La Louisiane have witnessed (and continue to bear) ,the 20th century cultural effervescence.

It is in the privacy of this atmosphere that 25 art and design art galleries, invited by guest curators Domenico de Chirico and Marialuisa Pastò, will each occupy a mythical room.