june, 08 • september, 28, 2019

How do we address ourselves as artists? What is the destiny of the work, its reception, its subsequent lives?

Tirer l’adresse – the common project of Simon Bérard and Tom Giamperi shapes precisely this fundamental notion – the address of the work. According to their reflection postulate, art would make rhizome. Tirer l’adresse would be also and perhaps even before all, to pull threads. In an extremely horizontal way, such as Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari had thought it, artists, techniques, mediums and ecologies of practices are convened there. Thus, the rhizome of the two artists unfolds in a high-ceilinged, somewhat industrial space, imprinted with the stigma of the passing of time, the time that, it seems, does its work. The pictorial practices of the artists echo the era of tempera as well as that of the historical avant-gardes up to the analytical painting and/or the archaism of the first painters. Thus, the rhizomatic conception of their painting would not be so much a symptom of our postmodernity – which we would like to see end, but rather the sign of the complexity of a work in progress.

Élodie Antoine

Thanks to à La station