“Avoir une super-vue c’est voir plus loin que le seuil de sa chambre.” (To have a super view is to see beyond the threshold of your room.)

In this hotel, 35 rooms are open for a weekend to anyone who wants to take a look at them, to see beyond their doormat. The risk is great to meet an artist and his works, sometimes on the walls, sometimes in the hollow of the bed, sometimes under the mat. Sometimes the room disappears.

And if the experience of art is, among other things, the experience of otherness, then there is nothing better than an encounter in a hotel room, like a fickle moment… Only at Supervues it is not the fair. Nothing to do with these series of calibrated stands that are full of visual productions and tire our feet. Here we experience a maze of corridors, landings, staircases that destabilize our landmarks, confuse our senses, and move us from room to room, then obliged to look, to talk, then to listen.

The artists speak, we listen to them, even if their word is not more important than those of the others, it is necessary. One can think of “Journey around my room” of Xavier de Maistre and go through the forms and the ideas from the point of view of his bed, but there, 35 rooms, 35 invested spaces, it is a galaxy of small surfaces of the thought which is invented. A structural diagram of the art in room. Although few experts confirm it, so varied are the proposals. Always demanding, but uncomplicated in the choice of artists, invited by the structures of diffusion, invited by the team tightened around J.B. & L. Gurly, the owners of the hotel, founders of the event and committed collectors for 10 years already! In this time, 350 artists and some proposals within the city of Vaison-la-Romaine came to shift the place of art, making dance until dawn the aesthetic theories under the eyes of thousands of visitors amazed, lost in this Roman province and found in this hotel.

10 years is a lot of energy and precision to ask, here, the question of art under all its operating modes, quite a lot of organization too. This year again and at the time of this entry in the history, it is good to see that Supervues is still not short-sighted.

Didier Tallagrand