Anthéa – antipolis theater d’antibes presents in collaboration with Espace A Vendre the Brazilian artist Kleber Matheus from February 24 to June 5, 2016 in the exhibition Luz da luz- rites, nature and Brazilian modernism.The works selected for this exhibition in Antibes have in common the mixtures of curves, intertwining and geometric forms that dialogue in a poetic way with the building and its curves of concrete.

Visitors are welcomed in the hall of the theater by a neon totem over 12 meters high. The exhibition continues on the second floor with a series of brightly lit neon signs.

Installations combining Plexiglas, plants, drawings and paintings are also displayed in the majestic ramp that serves the five floors of the theater.

The work of Kleber Matheus reinvents signage on the scale of the visual arts and energizes the public’s gaze by transforming the theatrical space. Kleber Matheus invited the artist Filipe Jardim to create the wall drawings for the exhibition.