Performance artists have always wished to appeal directly to the public to break with the dominant techniques and to free themselves from the constraints represented by museums and galleries or to react to political life and their times.

Since the 1960s, Nice has been one of the international crossroads for this. Artists such as Ben and the members of the Fluxus group have thus impregnated the city and its places (Mamac, Villa Arson, Dojo, Station…) with this multiple practice, which is now considered an integral part of art history.

It is in this tradition that the students of the workshop of research and cre-action of the Villa Arson give you an appointment on Saturday, April 1, 2017 for an afternoon of performances at the gallery Espace for sale.
A proposal as unpredictable and surprising as this art form itself!

With : Hugo Benchimol, Maija Heiskanen, Rozenn Veauvy, Mélina Ghorafi, Renée-Claire Reumaux, Laurent Prexl, Janna Zhir, Chloé Sassi, Clarisse Charlot-Buon, Gabriel Da Silva, Marie Fabry, Léa Fayard, Charlotte Fourneuf-Niel, Stéphanie Gervot, Jun-Woo Park, Małgorzata Rabczuk, Aliette Salama, Dileta X, Anna de Groot, Min-Suk Kim, Vincent Berger, Paul Lemaire, Florent Audoye et Jonas Brasset.